“Rester en veille, identifier, analyser, comprendre, agir et réagir.”


Our workshops about Competitive Intelligence


During this animated workshop, participants will learn about the Cialdini 6 laws of influence: Authority, Commitment and consistency, Scarcity, Reciprocity, Liking, Social proof.

Participants will discover exactly how each one of these laws applies to building a online and offline network, and how to improve their influence in presenting their value propositions.


Participants will learn to identify every actors and their commitment level by using the sociodynamic matrix. They will discover influence mechanisms and their social dynamics.

Participants will build their own matrix, based on one of their actual work project and devise a management strategy by: challenging their leadership, using social evolution levers and convincing hesitant actors.


This workshop will allow participant to discover data collection and cartography production techniques.

With the help of the trainers, participants will learn to gather and organize data and use cartography tools to identify the best course of action or strategy for their endeavour.

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